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Year of Establishment 2014
Head of Department Mrs A.M. Jagatap
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Total number of Laboratories 04
Total Faculty 08
Supporting Technical staff 01
Supporting Non Technical staff 01

Basic sciences are elementary to all engineering and technology studies. The humanities studies have an important role to play. They enable students to take this basic knowledge and apply it to real –world problems such as designing a vehicle, developing new machinery etc.

Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are the basic Subjects learnt by a student in school and Intermediate courses. Engineering students must have a basic understanding of these subjects. These subjects offered in their first year of Diploma engineering and it is common for all the branches of engineering. These subjects form a bridge between basic sciences and engineering

The department of English strives to work hard on the academic along with a communicative approach in our curriculum where the communication skills are the course ingredient of the student’s career. The department also stresses on soft skills along with the overall development of each individual for better employability skills that boosts up the confidence level of the students.