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Sr. No. Name of Faculty National International
1. Mrs.Ashwini Mahesh Jagatap 1 1
2 Mr. Mansing Kumar Kadam [Supnekar] 1 1
3 Mr. Dhanaji. V.  Mirajkar 2 2


Sr. No Name of Faculty Title
1 Mrs. A .M. Jagatap 1. Presented paper titled “Global education and changing Phase of Teacher Education” at International Conference on Re-Examining Education in Global perspective, Rajasthan, April 2013
2. Presented Paper at International Conference on liberating learning, Gujarat June 2013
3. Presented paper on Nurturing writing by using teaching Models at 5th National conference on ELT: “ Nurturing writing in the classroom”. January 2015
4. Global education and changing Phase of Teacher Education.
5. Implementation of thinking skills for liberating learning.
6. Reform of G to I scheme curriculum of MSBTE- a study presented at ICTIEE conference at Madurai on 8th -9th January 2018.
2 Mr. A. A. Patil 1. Effective Phrase-Based Document Indexing for Web Document Clustering.( International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering Vol. 4, Issue xx, Xxxxx2015)
3 Mr. M. K. Kadam 1. Risk Identification, Quantification in Post implementation of C-ERP, International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD).