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Faculty :

  1. A.M. Jagatap is Awarded as “Promising Young teacher Award” by ISTE chapter R.I.T. Islampur
  2. Received Letter of appreciation of Teacher Innovation Award by Sri Aurobindo Society’s ZIIEI Innovations Movement.
  3. M. P. Yadav (Ph.D. Registered)

Year 2019-20


IEDSSA Zonal Sport Result 

Sr.No. Name Of Student Class Event Result
1 Amit Devarde Mechanical Triple Jump Winner
2 Omkar Hazare Electrical 400 Mtr Running Winner
3 Omkar Hazare Electrical 800 Mtr Running Runner up
4 Amit Devarde Mechanical High jump Runner up
5 Amit Devarde Mechanical Long jump Runner up
Team Game
1 Kabaddi Diploma Winner Participated in Interzonal Tournament
2 Football Diploma Runner up -
3 Table tennis Diploma Runner up -

Year 2018-19

Sr.No. Name Of Student Class Event Result
1 Aniket  Bhimarao Patil Automobile Wrestling Winner
2 Aniket Baburao Jagtap Automobile Wrestling Winner
3 Yash Ajit Salunkhe Mechanical Weightlifting Winner
4 Amit Pravin Bhosale Mechanical 100 Mtr Running Winner
5 Amit Bhanudas Devarde Mechanical Triple Jump Winner
6 Amit Pravin Bhosale Mechanical Triple Jump Runner up

Team Game

    1. RIT (Diploma) Kabaddi Runner up

Year 2017-18

Faculty/Staff :

  • Mr. Swapnil S. Patil  Achieved “Technical Service Award” by Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) RIT Chapter.


Sr. No. Name of Students Event Result
01 Patil Saurabh S. Wrestling Winner
02 Shingade Ajit B. 400 meters Running Winner
03 SalunkheYash A. Weight Lifting Runner-Up
04 Bhosale Amit P. Triple Jump Runner-Up

Mayekar Sushant S.


Gaikwad Shubham B.
Bhosale Amit P.
IEDSSA B2 ZONE – Table Tennis IEDSSA B2 ZONE – Badminton
Runner up R.I.T. Badminton Team Girls Kabaddi Team