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From Academic Year 2019-20


PO 1 Basic and Discipline specific knowledge: Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and engineering specialization to solve the electrical engineering problems.
PO 2 Problem analysis: Identify and analyze electrical engineering problems using suitable standard methods.
PO 3 Design/ development of solutions: Design solutions for technical problems and assist with the design of electrical systems components or processes to meet specified needs.
PO 4 Engineering Tools, Experimentation and Testing: Apply modern engineering tools and appropriate technique to conduct standard tests and measurements related to engineering field.
PO 5 Engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment: Apply appropriate technology in context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices.
PO 6 Project Management: Use engineering management principles individually, as a team member or a leader to manage projects and communicate effectively about Engineering activities.
PO 7 Life-long learning: Analyze individual needs and engage in updating in the context of technological development.

Up to Academic Year 2019-20
PO’s and PSO’s

PO 1 Basic Knowledge: Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and basic engineering to solve comprehensive problem.
PO 2 Disciplinary Knowledge: Apply electrical engineering knowledge to solve the problem related to electrical field
PO 3 Experiment and Practice: Plan to perform experiments and practices to solve comprehensive electrical engineering problem
PO 4 Engineering tools: Demonstrate the skill to utilize modern engineering tools to design electrical system with limitation.
PO 5 The engineer and society: Demonstrate the knowledge of professional responsibilities confine to the boundaries of society
PO 6 Environment and sustainability: Apply electrical engineering solutions in societal and environmental context to achieve sustainable development
PO 7 Ethics: Illustrate the professional and ethical responsibilities while solving engineering problem.
PO 8 Individual and team work: Demonstrate leadership and team member qualities for solving multidisciplinary task.
PO 9 Communication: Demonstrate effective communication in verbal and written form
PO 10 Lifelong learning: Adapt lifelong learning process with updating electrical and allied engineering technology
PSO’s of Electrical Department
PSO 1 Electrical Equipment: Test & Maintain various types of rotating and static electrical equipment as per Indian Standard.
PSO 2 Electric Power Systems: Apply knowledge of Electrical Power Systems to develop and execute solutions for domain related problems.