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Sr. No. Name of The laboratory Carpet Area in m2 Lab Incharge
1 Transportation Engineering 70 Mr. A. M. Kadam
2 Material Testing 70 Mr. S. S. Ingale
3 Surveying 66 Mr. A. B. Hagande
4 Applied Mechanics-I & II 140 Mr. V. T. Hulwane
5 Engineering Geology 70 Mr. M. S. Yadav
6 Geotechnical Engineering 70 Ms. N. B. Kore
7 Environmental Engineering 70 Mr. V. T. Babar
8 Computer lab. Including Software’s 140 Mr. K. P. Mali
9 Civil Workshop Practices 36 + open space Mr. D. V. Patil

Environmental Engineering Lab

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Applied Mechanics Lab

Engineering Geology Lab

Surveying Lab

Material Testing + Concrete Technology Lab

Transportation Lab

Computer Lab 1 & 2

Engineering Chemistry Lab

Engineering Physics Lab

Language Lab

Safety charts, Fire precautions and Medical care (First Aid Box)