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MechTest 01

Adarsh G. Jagtap, Cummins India Ltd, Pune (Batch: 2019-20)

As RITian I feel very proud that I have been a part of this truly developing institute. I am very thankful to experienced and talented faculties to enhance my skills throughout the course and moulding my personality in a right way. All faculties are not only delivering the best but also motivating to make us socially responsible citizens by their super powerful thoughts. I am very glad that I am a part of this huge and beautiful family.


MechTest 02

Nikhil Prakash Shendage, (Batch: 2020-21)

I am very glad while giving this note. After the parents the person who really cares you is a teacher. hugeness of college depends mainly upon the students and teachers, because both gives important contribution for calling it as best college. these college days is one of my best days in my whole life, because it's really gives the feeling like we are in home. also our institute has very good infrastructure and campus gives very good feeling and satisfaction. Also our institute has amazing facilities.  Apart from that our mechanical department is very supportive and kind.  Faculties from the department help every student at each step of their college life & really they are making our life truly amazing and filling it with full of prosperity.  In my opinion, teachers are like a candle who burns themselves and gives the light of knowledge to everyone, this line really suits for our teachers.  There is no word for me to express my gratitude for them.  Our teachers are truly an amazing personality and I think every student can make them, as ideal personality because every teacher has its own specialty which makes them unique so we can make as an ideal. Our college have gorgeous library and amazing facilities which makes every student happy. Finally, and all departments, specially our mechanical department is full of intelligent, supportive, selfless, kind and amazing faculties.  So, I would like to thank all of the teachers who helped us for climbing the mountain of success in past and I expect that they will also help us in upcoming years also.  Thank you!