Institute has adopted Absolute Grading System for the evaluation of student’s performance since academic year 2011-12 and the system has changed relative grading from academic year 2018-2019

B. Tech. for undergraduate, M.Tech. for postgraduate engineering and MBA for management degree will be awarded to students.

Degree will be awarded by Shivaji University, Kolhapur with a mention of the institute name RIT on the Degree Certificate.

Since the examinations are conducted by RIT and the results are also declared by RIT, the institute sends a list of successful students with their CPI to the University. Therefore with the prior permission of the University, the institute will be entitled to give the provisional passing certificate.

No. The CGPA will be calculated from the first semester to final semester and the degree is awarded on the basis of CGPA.

A student shall be allowed to take admission for odd semester of next academic year, only if he/she has earned all the credits of the previous year and maximum three FF grades in the current year (semester I and semester II together). A student who has FF grade in more than three courses in the current academic year will not be permitted to take admission for the odd semester of next academic year.

If a student fails to become eligible for admission to Second Year engineering in three years from the date of his/her admission, then he/she shall be declared as Not Fit for Technical Education (NFTE) leading to discontinuation of his/her registration with the institute. Depending upon the academic progress of a student, Academic Council may take a decision regarding continuation or discontinuation of his/her registration with the institute.

Maximum duration for getting B.Tech. degree for students admitted in the first semester of UG program shall be 12 semesters (six academic years) while for lateral entry students admitted in the third semester shall be 10 semesters (five academic years) from their date of admission. The maximum duration of the program includes the period of withdrawal, absence and different kinds of leaves permissible to a student but excludes the period of rustication of a student from the institute. However, genuine cases on confirmation of valid reasons may be referred to Academic Council for extending this limit by additional one year.