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About Us: 

The RIT Central Library with its state-of-the-art building, hardware, software and other allied resources is fast developing into one of the finest institutional libraries in Western Maharashtra. Its inviting architecture provides an ambiance that is relaxed but modern; and space that is large yet intimate. The resources available include books on an impressive array of subjects, course-specific reading material, academic journals and various digital resources. It houses sufficient reference and reading material for students and faculty from multiple disciplines.

RIT central library has a good collection of 1,27,573 + volumes, 36,041 + titles as well as 27,302 e-books, of all engineering disciplines and management department, includes more than 33,233+ reference books, 416 Standards. It includes extracurricular and competitive examination books such as GATE, TOFEL, and MPSC etc. Its total investment of Rs. 5.42 crores.

The Central Library invested 8.28 lakhs for subscribing more than 209 print journals of engineering and management.

It is also subscribed ASCE, ASME, IEEE-ASPP, Tailor and Francis Engineering and Management, Delnet, E-Journals databases and Magzter for E-Magazines. It’s subscription cost is more than 25 lakhs. iThenticate Software, Grammerly Software and Remote Access Software is also subscribed by the library. It’s subscription cost is more than 2.39 lakhs.

Library Automation:

The Library is fully automated using e-Granthalaya (3.0) software. E-granthalaya is a class Integrated library system with comprehensive functionality including the basic and advanced option.  All circulation process is done by barcode. The bibliographic information about the collection is made available through web OPAC.

Dspace Open Source Software for a repository.

Working Hours:

Reading Room Hours:

All Days Including Sunday / Holidays            08:00 AM – 12.00 (Night) 

Circulation / Library Office Hours

Digital Library               24 Hours

A) Library Committee:

Sr. No. Name of Member Category  Designation
1 Dr. Mrs. S. S. Kulkarni Chairman Director
2 Dr. S. K. Patil Member Dean Academic & HOD-Mechanical
3 Dr. S. R. Patil Member Dean Quality Assurance
4 Dr. L. M. Jugulkar Member Dean Student Development
5 Dr. H. S. Jadhav Member Dean, Diploma
6 Prof. D. S. Patil Member Dean, Infrastructure
7 Prof. M. V. Kavade Member COE
8 Dr. S. R. Kumbhar Member HOD- Automobile
9 Dr. S. S. Kumbhar Member HOD- Civil
10 Dr. N. V. Dharwadakar Member HOD-CSE
11 Dr. A. C. Adamuthe Member HOD-CSIT
12 Dr. V. N. Khalkhambkar Member HOD- Electrical
13 Dr. M. S. Patil Member HOD- ETC
14 Dr. Mrs. H. V. Gaikwad Member HOD- MBA
15 Dr. M. B. Mandale Member HOD- Science & Humanities
16 Mr. A. V. Patil Member Student Representative
17 Mr. V. L. Hase  Member, Secretary Head, Central Library

B) Library Advisory Committee:

Sr. No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. Mrs. S. S. Kulkarni Chairman Director
2 Dr. S. K. Patil Member Dean Academic
3 Dr. S. R. Patil Member Dean Quality Assurance
4 Prof. V. L. Hase Member Secretary HOD, Central Library



RIT Central Library is total built up 36356.22 Sq.Ft. Ground plus three storey air conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled building.

Ground Floor : Area: 445.72 sq.mt    

Ø  Stack Room

Ø  Library Staff

Ø  Processing Room

Ø  Newspaper Section

Ø  Patent Office

Ø  Wash Rooms

First Floor   Area: 340.43 sq.mt

Ø  Circulation Section

Ø  Gurukul

Ø  Librarian

Ø  Assistant Librarian

Ø  Digital Library 1


Ø  Reprographic Section

Ø  Management Studies

Ø  Periodical Section

Ø  Washrooms

Second Floor   Area: 567.29 sq.mt

Ø  Reading hall 1

Ø  Ph.d / M.Tech  Section

Ø  Faculty

Ø  Conference Room 1 / 2 

Ø  Digital Library 2

Ø  Reference Section

Ø  Washroom

Ø  Server Room

Third Floor   Area: 625.84 sq.mt

Ø  Reading Hall 2

Ø  Reading Hall 3

Ø  CIIED Section

Ø  Conference Room 3

Ø  Sugar Room

Ø  Conference Room 4

Ø  Washrooms.

Fourth Floor   Area: 154.09 sq.mt