List of program specific Lab and computing facility within department

Lab No. Name  Specifications Purpose Utilization
1 Language Lab SMART Communication through Management Ideas (version 10.07)
Espoir Smart Interview Simulator (Version 11.08) Software Available:
Windows 10
Seqrite Endpoint Security
Microsoft Office 2013 White Smoke  
To learn English or a foreign language and its proficiency, where students access audio or audio-visual materials. MBA I students utilize the lab for their business communication course  in semester I. Summer internship , Final internship and Placement interview preparation by 240 students use the lab to improve their communication skills.
2 Research Lab Software Available:
SPSS (Version 20 ) 10 Academic user licenses
SPSS (Version 24 ) 10 Academic user licenses
Weka Windows 10
Seqrite Endpoint Security
Microsoft office 2013
MathWorks MATLAB
Data Analysis of Summer Internship Project, Industry Internship Project, Mini Project, Paper publication. FY MBA & SY MBA (240) Students and other Engineering department Students work on the research software analyze their data using these software
3 Soft Skill Lab Software Available:
Windows 10
Seqrite Endpoint Security
Microsoft office 2013 with MoS Console
To hone the soft skills and employability skills of students to enhance their prospect of placements through telephonic interview and video conferencing. FY MBA & SY MBA (240) utilize the lab developing their Microsoft office skills. The Microsoft office specialist Certification exam is conducted in this lab.
4 Finance Lab Software Available: Virtual Platform – Angel Speed Pro ( Angle One) To learn the basics of Capital Market, how stock are purchase, students can assess the license software for analysis of various stocks FY MBA & SY MBA (240) Students utilize the lab for financial analysis, writing blogs, developing videos and synthesizing trading experience. Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rit+dms+finance+club++english+channel   Goggle blogger link: https://financialmar.blogspot.com/2021/07/initial-public-offering-ipo-part-ii.html
MBA Lab1
MBA Lab2