Research area of faculties

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Qualification Research Area
1 Dr. S. N. Yadav M.Sc.(Maths), M.Phil.,Ph. D. Fuzzy Mathematics
2 Dr. P. N. Pawar M. A. (English), SET,Ph.D.  English Literature 
3 Dr. Ms. D. M. Kadam M.A.(English), Ph.D. Indian English Literature, English Language Teaching, Advance Pedagogy
4 Dr. Ms. S. N. Pusawale M.Sc.(Physics),  Ph. D.  Materials synthesis and characterization, Super capacitor
5 Dr. R. M. Kurane M.Sc.(Chemistry), Ph.D. Supported Catalysis, Biofuel synthesis, Green Chemistry, Advanced material 
6 Mr. U. S. Bhujakkanavar M. Sc.(Maths),  Ph. D. Pursuing Biofluid Mechanics, Differential Calculus
7 Mr. Y. A. Chougale M.Sc. (Maths) Differential Equation
8 Mr. S. M. Patange M.Sc.(Chemistry), SET, Ph.D.Pursuing Green Chemistry, Advanced material
9 Ms. S. C. Bedage M.Sc.(Envt.Sc.), SET, M.Tech. Water and Wastewater treatment
10 Mr. D. D. Bobalade M.Sc.(Maths),SET,NET,(JRF),GATE Complex Analysis
11 Mr. M.D. Khedekar M.Sc.(Maths), Ph.D. Pursuing Fuzzy Mathematics
12 Dr. U. U. Prabhu M. Sc. (Phy), Ph. D. Environmental Radioactivity, Radiation Physics
13 Mr. S. S. Potdar M.Sc.(Phy), SET Atmospheric Physics, Solar Physics, Ionospheric Physic
14 Ms. S. A. Patil M.Sc.(Mathematics) Algebra, Trigonometry, Matrices, Differential equations
15 Ms. A. A. More M.Sc.(Mathematics) Algebra, Differential equations
16 Mr. V. M. Salunkhe M.Sc.(Envt.Sc.), NET, SET Climate Change, Water Quality Assessment
17 Mrs. S. J. Nalavade M.Sc.(Chemistry) Drug Analysis & Water treatment