Academic Year - 2020-21

Training Program organised by department

List of Webinars organised by department

Sr. No. Title of Webinar Date Coordinator Resource person Webinar delivery platform No. of participants registered Whether e-certificate provided
1. Applications of Mathematics in Technology and Real Life 5th July 2020 Mr. M. D. Khedekar and Mr. U. S. Bhujakkanavar Dr. Rahul Boadh, Assistant Professor in K.R. Mangalam University Gurugram Haryana and Mr. ShivanandaPoojara, Research associate in Mobile and Cloud Laboratory institute of Computer Science,University of Tartu Estonia, Europe Zoom 450 Yes
2. Role of Basic Sciences & Humanities courses for higher education and competitive examinations 12th July 2020 Dr. D.M. Kadam Dr. S. N. Pusawale Mr.Y. A. Chougale Dr. Ms. D. M. Kadam Mr. S. M. Patange Dr. Ms. S. N. Pusawale, Dept. of Sc. &H, RIT. Zoom 280 Yes
3. Anger Management 15th July 2020 Ms. S. C. Bedage Ms. M. M. Kadam Brahamkumari Nivedita Zoom 36 No
4. Role of Multidisciplinary Engineers Post COVID-19 16th July 2020 Dr. D.M. Kadam Dr. S. N. Pusawale Mr. Prasanna Joshi, Co-Founder of O2 breathing brains Zoom 100 Yes
5. COVID-19: From Symptoms to Treatment 19th  July 2020 Dr. R. M. Kurane Mr. S. M. Patange Dr. Prakash Bansode Assistant Professor, Sangola College, Sangola zoom 100 Yes
6. Development of Agricultural Equipments for Farmers 25th June, 2021 Dr. Ms. P. P. Yadav Mr. Yashodhan Patil Founder and Managing Director of Koshal Engineering Sangli. Zoom 175 Yes
7. How to Establish Center of Excellence 7th May, 2021 Dr. R. M. Kurane Prof. A. K. Chakraborty Professor, Department of Physics National Institute of Technology, Durgapur Zoom 120 Yes